Single Shaft Shredder

Harden SM series large-scale single shaft shredder integrates a number of patented technologies such as intelligent built-in arc pressing, gap shearing, dense arrangement blades on cutter shaft, rapid gap adjustment. Based on the advanced European design and concepts, Harden has been focusing on providing equipment with higher throughput, lower operating cost, less maintenance time, safer and more user-friendly.

Harden has accumulated rich shredding experience of single shaft shredder, with specialized parameters in torque, speed, action program, blades for different material to be shredded. Whether it is flexible and high strength leather cloth or low density light material and other raw material, SM series large-scale single shaft shredder will process the material with excellent performance.


Double Shaft Shredder

Harden TD/TDH series are heavy-duty double shaft shredder that are suitable to process all kinds of solid waste and gain recognition from customers by its powerful and stable performance. TD series represent electrical motor version and TDH series are driven by hydraulic power unit. The installed power of each model ranges from 60 to 400 KW.

Harden owns several advanced technologies of heavy-duty double shaft shredder, such as spline bearing pedestal, integral cutting chamber of internal stress decomposition, and so on. High quality does not come overnight. Only through decades of experience accumulated by the German director and the unremitting efforts of the R&D department can the reliability be the endorsement of the product.


Quad Shaft Shredder

The independent intelligent control system of Harden QS four shaft shredder enables each cutter roll to have independent shearing and protection action, which improves the shear frequency and output. The main shaft of four shaft shredder is responsible for shearing, and the countershaft is responsible for feeding. By optimizing the shear structure and control principle, Harden four shaft shredder has achieved a major breakthrough in cutting efficiency.

In addition, QSH series four shaft shredder adopts hydraulic and motor coordinated drive, which not only has the effect of large torque and flexible control of hydraulic drive, but also retains the advantages of high efficiency of motor drive, energy saving, provides an excellent solution for heavy shearing conditions with high discharge size requirements.


Primary Shredder

Harden large-scale hydraulic driven primary shredder, with the characteristics of high strength and low maintenance cost, is used for volume reduction of bulky waste and pretreatment application of solid waste, which combines with multiple processing mechanism such as shearing, chopping, tearing and extrusion, can easily process the complicated mixed solid waste, e.g. the untreated MSW, Decoration waste and Industrial waste.

Harden primary shredder can discharge material flow with relative uniform particle size, which is convenient for sorting equipment to further separate or recycle the material, so as to obtain valuable recycling resources or high calorific value RDF. Besides, primary shredder can be used as “Bag opener” with the redesigned cutter.