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Double Shaft Shredder

Middle Duty:
Harden TS series are medium-duty double shaft shredder. TS equipped single motor and gearbox. A set of transmission gear driven two shafts rotating together. TS is compact but with a powerful core, strong shaft and blades and various operating protection.

Heavy duty:
Harden TD (TDH) series are heavy-duty double shaft shredder suitable to manage all kinds of solid waste. The performance and stability had been highly recognized by customers. TD series are driven by electrical motors and TDH by hydraulic system. The installed power is ranged from 60 to 400 kW.

Model?TS303?TS508?TS612?TD612?TD912?TD1216(Hydraulic driven?
Motor Power?kw??7.5?22?37?60+45?132?200
Size Cuting Chamber(A*B)(mm)?320*300 ?850*500?1250*650?650*1250?900*1250?1200*1600


Double Shaft Shredder-Single Drive

TS series are economical, batch production with well workmanship. Each process such as heat treatment, hardness testing and structural flaw detection, has strict requirements.



?Reliable high strength alloy material

?Patented cutting chamber design

?Patented spline bearing pedestal

Technical Parameters

Double Shaft Shredder-Dual drive

Harden owns several advanced technologies of heavy-duty double shaft shredder, such as spline bearing pedestal, integral cutting chamber of internal stress decomposition, and so on. High quality does not come overnight. Only through decades of experience accumulated by the German director and the unremitting efforts of the R&D department can the reliability be the endorsement of the product.



?Reliable high strength alloy material

?Transmission protective structure

?Professional hydraulic system

Technical Parameters