Two Shaft Shredders

HARDEN two shaft shredder is featured sophisticated design, robust structure, and high efficient shredding result. Two shaft shredders are normally used first stage shredder for materials like truck tires, steel drums, organic waste, and MSW. With a two shaft shredder, once the material is fed into the cutting chamber, the cutting blades with hooks will grab material and then shear it down to strips. The shreds are directly discharged after cutting without passing through a screen, so the size of shreds is quite random. Custom blade widths can match your required sizing.  Programmed revers rotation of the rotor shaft can prevent damages when overload. Both electrical and hydraulic drive systems available.

Applications Two Shaft Shredders

  • Plastics — reclaimed material, production cut-offs
  • Paper — documents, paper mill waste
  • Electronic scrap — WEEE / E-Waste
  • Tyres — used car tyres,  truck tyres
  • Wood — pallets, furniture, crate
  • Packaging Materials — cardboard, woven sacks
  • Metals — aluminium, copper, steel drums, sheet metal
  • Textiles — clothing, carpet

two shaft shredder - waste recycling equipment
TS sub-series are small two shaft shredders. The machines of this series have a compact but robust construction design. It’s powerful enough to shred waste from medical waste, organic waste, paper waste, wooden pallet and etc. HARDEN shredders are designed to last with consideration of tough environment for dust-proof and water-proof for bearings houses. The blade are made wear-resistant steel alloy and surface hardened by heat treatment for long knife life and low maintenance cost.

Specifications of Two Shaft Shredder (single motor)

Motor power kW7.518.53055
Chamber mm300*320500*560500*850650*1250
Dia*thicknes mmΦ170*20Φ280*30Φ280*30Φ345*50
NO. of blades pcs16202824
Rotating speed rpm18/2018/2018/2018/20
Hopper open mm780*6301015*10301280*10301600*1150
Dimensions mm
1527*734*13551914*1600*22702250*1670*23683 800*2175*2600
Weight kg680270035006000
Output range kg/300-7001000-20002000-30005000-10000

TS two shaft shreddertwo shaft shredder

two shaft shredder for waste recycling

TD series are strong shredders with two motors. The shredders have two electric motors with strong cutting chamber and shafts. Dual shaft system can reach differential shaft speeds. It’s a a right choice if you want to shred tough materials like metal skeletons, solid wooden blocks, medical waste, industrial waste and WEEE. With TD series two shaft shredders, you can shred large pieces of material with high throughput.

Specifications Two Shaft Shredder (two motor)

Motor power kW15+1522+2230+3050+50
Chamber mm500*560500*850650*1220650*1220
Dia*thickness mmΦ280*30Φ280*30Φ345*50Φ400*50
NO. of blades pcs18282424
Rotating speed rpm16/1816/1816/1816/18
Hopper open mm1015*10301280*11001510*12002000*1400
Dimensions mm
Weight kg38004500700010000
Output range kg/h1000-20002000-40005000-1000010000-20000

twin shaft shredder

hydraulic two shaft shredder


TH series hydraulic motor driven two shaft shredders are used for heavy-duty shredding of tough materials like metals, such as aluminum profiles, metal scraps, automobile scrap, copper cable, and ragger wire of paper mill waste. The most advanced feature is that the shredder can turn forward and revers without stopping the motor at anytime. Powerfully shredding force generating by hydraulic unit with dynamic-changing rotating speed and torque. HARDEN shredders equipped hydraulic system and motor for highly reliable performance and low maintenance cost. TH series shredder can be integrated in mobiles recycling systems. A complete car scrap can be fed into the huge shredding chamber with openings of 1300~1600 mm in length. Relentless shredding force destroy and smash any solid waste quickly and smartly.

hydraulic shredder, metal shredder

 Specifications Two Shaft Shredder (hydraulic)

Motor power kW5575/132200
Cutting chamber mm650*11220800*12201620*1200
Knife size mm350*50400*50530*50
No. of knives pcs242432
Rotor speed rpm14/1614/1614/16
Output kg/h1000 - 20005000 - 1000010000 - 15000


Features of HARDEN Two Shaft Shredder

shredder fabriction
Robust basement to guarantee stable operation and low noise.
gears of shredder
Tempered gears with high frequency surface hardened.
shredder chamber
Casted bearing support for strength and stability
shredder shaft
Surface hardened wear-resistant alloy guarantees knife life.
shredder parts
Grinded spacers and tempering high-strength shafts.
shredder electrics
Electric component of Siemens, Schneider, Omron and ABB brand.
shredder gearbox
Siemens motor and robust gearbox with 1.8~2.3 service factor.
shredder construction
Double sealing rings for bearing house.

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