Screw Drum Shredders

Screw Drum Shredders

Screw drum crushers or screwing crushers, are high productive type of shredders. In particular the twin drum screwing crusher, which is high capacity and diversity.

Principles of Screw Drum Shredder

screw drum mill

The main shredding tools of screwing crusher are two drums, which are equipped with spiral coils. As the spirals have the same sense but the drums rotate contrary, the clearance between the coils open to let the material in and close again to burst, squash or blast it, refer to. When the spiral coils of both drums come close to one another, the material is cut and when they withdraw again the material is torn asunder. This threefold kind of shredding, bursting, cutting and tearing asunder unlocks the material perfectly and may explain to some extend the efficiency and diversity of these machines.

Applications of Screw Drum Shredder

SCREWING CRUSHERBecause of the excellent exposure of the material, screw shredders are ideal for the treatment of organic waste for composting and fermentation. Within the process of bursting and tearing asunder, the material is unlocked even in the volume of the fraction and a large surface is created for the micro organisms to launch into. Up to now, all twin drum screwing crushers are employed in this scope.

In Tests however, the screw crushers showed impressive performance for most of materials as wood, glass, plastics, gypsum boards, residual waste, carpets, foils, fibers and many more.




Specification of Screw Drum Shredder

Screw crusher modelsSC240SC300SC360
Screw drum dia. mm240300360
Screw drum length mm104012401640
Driving power375292
For fraction size (85% <…) mm4580100
Throughput rate t/h4.21238
Throughput rate for organic waste, density 0,48 t/m³. For fraction size (85% <…) with screen baskets.

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