EPS Foam Shredders

Foam Shredders for EPS Recycling

EPS Shredders are optimum solution for different shape of EPS  waste recycling, allowing you to
recycle your scrap completely back into the production process. The EPS shredder is featured with a rotor
crusher and can be combined with a fine grinder. The shredder output EPS flake size is in the range of 30-80 mm, and the grinder output EPS particle size is in the range of 5-12 mm. The output EPS flakes/particles are to be used as cushion material or feed in to moulding/extrusion machine for a second life.

Aplications of EPS Foam Shredders

Foam is a kind of plastic that is used everywhere in our life, from packaging to disposable beverage cup. Due to such wide applications of foam in both consumer as well as industrial fields, million tons of foam are produced every year and a great deal of foam waste is generated. Proper recycling of such foam waste becomes important not only economy but also environmental.

Harden’s EPS Foam shredders are used rigid foam recycling facilities to shred the bulky foam into small sized granules. These Foam shredded particles can be either added into concrete to make building blocks, or can be cleaned, heated, extruded, and pelletized to make new products such as light-weight furniture, packaging, fencing, flower pots ect.

Applicable Materials For EPS Foam Shredders

Applicable materials include EPS/Styrofoam, EPE/PE Foam, PUR foam, as well as XPS food tray and cups and production skeleton recycling. Polystyrene shredders can grind waste plastic foam into 5-50 mm size small pieces , save storage/transportation space and for further recycling process.


Advantages of EPS Foam Shredders

  • Large hoper for convenient feeding
  • Efficient foam crusher/grinder shreds foam into 5-50 mm size small pieces
  • Low operating and maintenance costs
  • Lower dust generated in the finished milled product
  • Low energy consumption
  • Easily to operate
  • Optional pneumatic conveying system available


EPS Coarse Shredder

EPS flake   Coarse EPS Shredder

Features of EPS Coarse Shredder

  • Single motor driven with compact design
  • Twin-shaft design for high efficiency
  • Well arranged crusher knives for consistant flake sizes
  • Easy maintenance and low operation cost
  • Output flake size from 20mm to 50mm

Specifications of EPS Coarse Shredder

Motor power kW45.57.511
Feed opening mm850*5001000*5001300*5001600*600
Machine size cm160*170*180180*190*180200*190180235*210*200
Machine weight kg250300400450
Capacity kg/h30-5080-150100-180150-250
The output flake size of the EPS is in the range of 30-80 mm.


EPS Fine Grindder

EPS particle  eps foam shredder

Features of EPS Fine Grinder

  • Two stage crushing for high throughput
  • Twin-shaft primary shredder for auto-feeding
  • Pneumatic conveying for low dust
  • Coarse shredding and fine grinding in one machine
  • Output particle size from 5mm to 12mm

Specifications of EPS Fine Grinder

Motor power kW4.0 + 7.55.5 + 117.5 + 1111 + 18.5
Feed opening mm850*5001000*5001300*5001600*500
Machine size cm160*170*180180*190*180200*190*180235*210*200
Machine weight kg80095012001400
Capacity kg/h30 - 5080 - 150100 - 180150 - 250
The output size of the EPS particles are in the range of 5-12mm.

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