Primary Shredders

Primary Shredders for Bulky Waste Processing

HARDEN primary shredders, or coarse shredder, with dual powerful hydraulic drivers designed for various kinds of bulky waste size reduction. Primary shredders are used  in MSW disposal plants, biomass power stations and RDF processing systems as an indispensable first stage shredder. Strong shafts, bearings, chamber, cutting hooks in high-strength wear-resistant alloy with surface tungsten carbide welding are all designed for the toughest job as an industrial shredder. Hydraulic power controlled by smart programs of PLC and converter guarantees high efficiency shredding results. The machine is very robust and built to sustain for tough operating conditions without any problem.

primary shredder

Specifications of Primary Shredders

Model TDH1618TDH1826
Chamber size mm1600*18001800*2600
Rotating speed rpm0-240-24
Installed power kW180-250200-500
Torque KNm130160
Power controlfrequence autofrequence auto
Weight kg1600018000
Throughput t/h30-5050-80

Coarse Shredder

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