EPS Compactors

EPS Recycling Solutions with EPS Compactors

EPS, also called polystyrene foam, are being used all over the world to pack and transport fish, vegetables, glass ware, and electronic appliances in an efficient and hygienic way. It is also widely used for heat insulation in constructions. The used EPS packaging material and cut-offs from manufacturing are very likely end up in the waste stream.

EPS Recycling with Compactor

Applications of EPS Compactors

EPS compactors, also called Styrofoam densifiers, produce high density logs allowing trailers to be loaded to maximum weights. EPS compactor is a machine to reduce volume and increase density making the shipping expanded polystyrene foam (EPS) to a recycling center economically. The machine is also known as EPS densifier and EPS cold compactor. The EPS compactor is widely used in sea food processing plant, electronic factories, white goods and black goods stores, and the supermarkets.  Four models available for different capacity requirements.

Give the EPS Scrap a Second Life

HARDEN EPS compactors produce high density logs allowing trailers to be loaded to maximum weights. The presses compact waste EPS packaging blocks, EPS fish boxes, and EPS board to absolute minimum, up to 50 to 1 size reduction. With this significant volume reduction, the compacted EPS will takes up much less storage space, and it makes logs that facilitate transport and handling. This means a big cost saving and higher residual value of scraps.

Polystyrofoam Compaction

HARDEN supplies EPS compactors that helps you to dispose EPS boxes/blocks in a cost effective way. EPS compactors makes it profitable for municipalities and businesses to recycle EPS. By recycling EPS, you make a valuable contribution toward a cleaner environment and give the EPS scrap a second life.


Technical Specifications of EPS Compactors:

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